Monday, March 28, 2011

Presenting Chloe So-hyeon

Here she is, I know I've kept you waiting entirely too long, it was a mixture of exhaustion, being overwhelmed by all the chores that met me at the door, and not really having any pictures of our baby girl, she is the third child after all :).

I want to get some pictures of her outside so that you can see just how beautiful she is, I felt like I couldn't really capture her essence inside, but it was raining and I knew I was past due for some Chloe pictures on here.

She is very petite and reminds me of a porcelain doll, perfect features, perfect ivory skin, long black lashes, and a beautiful mouth, which often has her first two fingers in it.  I love a finger sucker, perhaps I'm odd but I've always found it so cute when babies suck their fingers instead of their thumbs or a pacifier.

She is really adjusting well, the first couple of days were very hard on all of us, most of all her.  We've made some adjustments, like giving up co-sleeping and she's now able to sleep well.  Despite the fact that she is still frightened, her personality is showing through, she really enjoys making people laugh and will laugh right along with them.  She loves music and can't seem to help but start dancing.

I think she is still not sure what to think of Kylynn and Jack yet, she probably finds them very loud, I know I do, and becomes very upset if I hug or hold either of them.  Kylynn and Jack are both going through an adjustment and it has expressed itself in some tantrums over small things, but once I was able to talk to them about how they feel about Chloe they were both able to express their fears and frustrations and I think they are overall really very excited to have her home.

She will someday be a Daddy's girl, I can just feel it, but for now she is all about mommy all the time, as she is not used to men caring for her.  But Kyle has been diligent in feeding her and taking care of her for a few minutes when she wakes up and has yet to see me, to work at bonding with her, and I do believe she will bond to him much faster than Jack did, as they're already making progress.

Thank you all for your prayers for our trip, our daughter, and our family.  Once again they were felt so acutely and we saw God's hand move throughout this process.  There is still a long road of adjustment ahead for all of us, but we know God will not ask us to walk it alone.

*Edited: Oh my I always forget those pesky details, Chloe turned one a week ago.


thewonderfulhappens said...

Oh she is so beautiful! How old is she? I also love the new pictures of your other two on the sidebar. Although I have never had the pleasure of having either of my children do it, I think finger sucking is totally cute too. Thanks for finally unveiling Miss Chloe!

1-2-TheeMotimes said...

Oh my goodness! She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to you all! I hope the adjustment period is short and sweet!

The Cherrys said...

It’s about time you posted some photos… I kept waiting to see your new precious little girl. How beautiful she is. Congratulations to all 5 of you.
May your times of transition be smooth and the peace of God be at rest in you.

Random Mom Blogger said...

What a doll! Literally! I bet Kylynn is in mommyhood heaven. Olivia loved looking at pictures of her. Her favorite was the finger sucking!

Sue said...

adorable!! chloe is just adorable!!
soak up all those mommy and chloe moments. :)
high fives and hugs to kylynn and jack too...this is just a crazy adjustment for them too. drew was so excited to have his little brother home - but sharing our attention with that little brother. well, we are still working on that. part of my marathon.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

PS - Ruby was a finger sucker!! (Two middle fingers, left hand.) ;)

Chloe is absolutely beautiful!