Thursday, March 10, 2011

boo-boos on my face

Invisible friends out there, I'm still here, I really am, but life has hit me upside the head this week with a big ol' bowl of busy (does that even make any sense...I'm so tired I don't care!)

But I'll write soon, I've got something I need to tell you, it's not about Chloe, it's about me, and how I made a new friend, and how I stole a piece of art work, and how you should not steal her art work, but buy it, because it's beautiful.  I'll explain, soon....

For now I leave you with this quote of the day from my daughter,
"Mommy you have a boo-boo on your face"
me: "mmm hmm"
K: "you always have boo-boos all over your face"

Why thank you, I'm glad to hear my not so clear skin hasn't gone unnoticed around here.

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thewonderfulhappens said...

Isn't it awesome to be at a time in our lives when we need acne medicine and wrinkle cream? Good times.