Monday, March 21, 2011

Living it up in Korea, to be continued

We've made it to Korea, safely, and not much worse for wear (except for a very sore butt..which is amazing because my butt has plenty of padding).  I was going to give you an update with pictures and everything, BUT, my computer has 8 minutes left of life on it.

Kyle plugged in the converter that he's had since he was 19 and lived in Spain and it was working great until all the sudden I smelled the worse smell of my life, ruining the jr. whopper I was eating while sitting on a couch in a bathrobe (I'm living it up tonight y'all), and he informed me that the converter was on fire, the computer was too much for it.

So I will update y'all soon with real pictures and everything, once Kyle buys me a new converter.  But it won't be till another day has passed because my sweet husband does not know how to slow down and like all vacations he's got plans for every moment of the day, pray for me :).

With three minutes to spare, and less than 3 days till we meet Chloe!

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thewonderfulhappens said...

So glad to see a post from you!!! I love when my friends go to Korea because I usually have a post waiting on me when I wake up!!! Try not to get too crazy over there in your robe with your whopper!! Actually one of my fondest memories in Korea was laying in the guest house bed, eating pizza and watching 30 Rock, so I guess it goes to show my life on vacation mirrors my home life a lot.

Have so much fun!!!! I cannot wait to hear about all the things you do and see....and of course, Chloe!!!!