Monday, September 7, 2009

You at 18 months


You are 18 months old right now. Young enough to love me fully and perfectly, young enough to want your mommy to hold you and snuggle you several times a day. You still have no problem with me doing things for you, you let me hold your cup at night while you drink your pediasure milk, it has yet to occur to you to say, "I do it!".

And yet there are several things that you can do all by yourself and the cute way you go about it always makes me smile. You can climb a stool, brush your teeth, follow simple instructions, eat with a fork or spoon, and throw, boy can you throw things!

You are a giggle addict. You love to laugh, but you love even more to make others laugh. You are my little comedian. Your current act includes peek-a-boo, rolling your eyes back into your head, and making a funny face, simple yes, but very affective at getting a good laugh.

You have decided that the puppy is yours. You chase her around all day and because you are so light she actually lets you lay on her, much to my amazement. You now like to point to her and make your idea of a barking noise, and sometimes you point to her and moo...close but not quite.

You are going to get to go to "school" this year for one day a week, and I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with myself, I'll miss you so. But I know it's important for me to share you with others, there are people out there who could use one of your hugs or a good laugh.

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KyleC said...

that's a great tribute!