Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainy days

We had a rainy weekend here, but it was one of those wonderful ones, where you are left feeling just as rejuvanated as your yard is. We played a little in the rain, then took baths and stayed in the rest of the morning and luckily I had run to the video store on Friday, so we had a fun family movie to watch.

That afternoon when the rain had turned to drizzle we took the kids out on a nature hike. We found some bugs to put in our bug jar and really neat snails. We found lots of leaves and plants to look at, and I even found some basil that I could pick for the capriese salad I was making for dinner (I miss my garden). Kylynn wore her rain boots and waded through giant puddles, Jack who is obsessed with water refused to not participate, so he swam in puddles! :)

I know for a lot of Texans it's the summer that makes them wonder why it is that they live here. But for me, it's the fall. There is nothing as sad to me as the way summer just sticks around here until winter is ready for his turn. But, this year has been the best transition to fall that I can remember since my first year here. It actually feels like we've changed seasons with all the rain, the cloudy days, and the much lower temperatures. I hope you're taking the time to enjoy it as well.

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