Thursday, September 24, 2009

Verizon made me cry

So I didn't want to continue to bore you with the details, but we have yet to have more than 24 hours with reliable internet. It continues to have problems, including not working at all. Then the other day I opened my mail to find a bill for our "service" beginning August 10th. I know I will not be paying that and that I can get it taken care of, but after daily talks with Verizon, 5 days spent at my house waiting for the technician, and an internet that is as we speak not working (I'm at Chick Fil A), I was hurt to get that bill. So being a woman, what did I do, I cried and told Kyle I cannot handle this anymore, you have to get this bill taken care of. It's just too much I feel wronged, like a good friend lied to me, when in truth it's a big company continuing to meet my expectations, what can I say, I'm tired of it all.

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