Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We traveled to Temple yesterday for Jack to see a pediatric Ophthalmologist, and the trip went really well and there was only good news. Although Jack does have a slight appearance of having crossed eyes (there's a fancy medical term), he doesn't actually have crossed eyes. They also used a machine to see if he needed glasses (for the life of me I can't imagine how that works) and his eye sight is pretty good, although he may need glasses to see the board when he starts school, which the doctor said is very common for Asian people-I never knew that.

While we were driving home I looked at Kyle and said, God really did answer my bigger than life prayer when we learned Jack was our son, that he would heal any medical problems that he may have. We went from thinking that there was potential for several health problems to a perfectly healthy little boy, I stand amazed.

We'll go back in a few months for them to make sure that they still don't see any evidence of crossed eyes.

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