Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Me

One would think that ordering DSL from a company that makes a living offering customers DSL, would be a good idea, no?

I called around July 24th, to say we were moving and I wanted our DSL service moved and our phone turned off on July 31st. You would not believe the ordeal that followed, something about not being able to turn off my phone till my DSL transferred and not being able to get DSL until the middle of August. I made nice became several employees new best friends (we talked on the phone several times) and got it all worked out, at least the canceling the phone part.

They told me originally I would have service on August 12th, then one of my many friends got it expedited for me (because she said there's no reason it should take so long to get it up and running at your new house, my thoughts exactly) to August 10th (WOW!). Then on the 10th I got the animated phone call announcing that indeed my DSL service was up and running and I would be billed from this point forward.

No such luck, it is not working, Kyle confirmed with the technician tonight and will not be until August 14th now...who wants to bet I still get billed starting August 10th.

So I am sitting in Kroger with my laptop that has zero battery life plugged into a soda fountain plug, in order to make sure that I am not missing out on any important events and to let you all know, I have not let the blog die, I just made the terrible mistake of thinking that getting DSL service at my new house would be simple for a DSL company, silly me.

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