Monday, August 24, 2009


The court hearing to finalize Jack's adoption went great, it was just ceremonious and it took longer to take pictures with the judge then it did to have the hearing. During the hearing we raised our right hands and swore several things including that we would be Jack's parents and he would be our son, in perpetuum. Later Kyle said to me that he liked that the lawyer used that word, I of course had no idea what it meant, and he told me it means foreverforever. Ahh...yeah I like that word too. Jackie you will be mine and I will be yours foreverforever...and ever..and ever :).

It was such a nice little trip to San Antonio and we are continually blessed to be loved by the family we have. We had 6 family members come out to court with us, and that meant there were three generations of Kyle's family there, in addition to aunts and my parents. It was a happy day. Here are some pictures for you.Kylynn and her Nana cooking together, see those super cute aprons Charissa made them!!

Jack eating ice cream, one of his major food groups.

We had to wait a while for a judge to be ready. Jack had a blast running up and down the hall (mopping it with his blanket as he went) and playing in the water fountain!
Being sworn in. Jack was not happy to have to be held for this part.
Verifying that Jack's new name is spelled correctly. It will be Jack and his middle name will be the name his birth mother gave him and our last name, of course :)
The judge signing the decree to finalize the adoption and legally change Jack's name.
The whole gang. From left, Laura (aunt), Linda (grandma), Mike (grandpa), me (mommy), Jack (Jack), Susan (nana), Dorothy (great grandmother), Kyle (daddy), Kylynn (big sister)

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