Monday, August 24, 2009

One month and counting

There was a time a few years back, when one could have gone without internet access for a month and gotten by relatively well, but now that is not the case, for most anyone. One month and counting since I made the innocent phone call to Verizon and asked, "Hey can I pay you some money to continue getting the internet."

And still no internet. And since then I have learned that even though I rarely turn on my TV, I don't own an iphone, I have no idea what it means to "facebook" somebody, I am very much fully on board with the internet.

I pay all my bills there, I manage my coupons, my photos, and most of my shopping there. I keep in touch with my friends, and most importantly I update anyone willing to listen on this blog. So please stick with me, I'm sure that it will be resolved soon, it has to be right...? And until then enjoy multiple blog entrys posted all at once whenever I can.

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