Thursday, October 9, 2008

A week of firsts

A few weeks ago, Kylynn had a big! week. It was filled with first time experiences.

Most importantly, she went to her first Aggie football game!! That's right we are richly blessed (and I mean that literally, the three tickets would have cost us around 270$). Some friends (who we are so thankful for!!) gave us their tickets to the Army game and we had amazing seats! We got dressed up in our Aggie gear and had a blast. The game was at 11:30 so the weather was nice and by half time our seats were in the shade. Kylynn loved seeing "Aggies" and being on "campus". She mainly climbed around on the bleachers during the game, but would say "Aaaaaaa" with me when we were on defense. I hope that this will be the first of many opportunities to enjoy the Aggies with Kylynn and that someday it will mean as much to her as it does to me.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera to the game, but here's Kylynn playing with "her" cat

Then Kylynn decided that it was finally time to be a big girl who wears "unders" all the time!! She has been wearing exculisively unders for two weeks now and usually has only one accident a day, she did have one day with no accidents! She also has begun to go poo-poo in the potty (forgive me if you are not a mom to a toddler), this is such a big deal and I am proud of her and completely exhausted from all the potty cleaning, hand washing, laundry from the past two weeks :)

Here she is with her prize for going on the potty all day!

I also took Kylynn to get her hair cut for the first time, she did great and wasn't bothered by it at all, although I'm not sure how she could be bothered. I took her a place that had a kiddie chair, so she was sitting in a race car, eating a lolly pop, watching a movie, all for 9 bucks! Her hair looks pretty much the same, just evened out and less tangly at the bottom.

Pool's closed, no problem she made her own :)

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lori said...

Cute cute pictures:) Did you see the About Town Press? They had a huge story in there about adoption.