Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seollal, Hunger (Games and mine), and public manners

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*I'm sorry I have been absent so much from this blog, it has actually been a good thing, the month of January has had me catching up on a lot of my to-dos I had been behind on and enjoying spending much less time on the computer.  I seem to either spend way too much time here or ignore it alltogether, next month I need to work on finding that balance again so I can blog AND not waste hours on pinterest. :)

*Jack is a bit of an adrenaline junkie he loves to run really fast, jump off of high objects, and most of all talk of horrible things happening in a very excited voice.  He spends the entire day talking about imaginary scenarios where there's a fire (at the doctor's office we're on our way to) and the firemen will have to put it out!  Or an accident happening and the ambulance will have to come and help people!  Pretty much every scenario that sends me into a panic attack are the ones he loves to shout about as we drive in the car to our destination.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

*We celebrated Seollal (the Korean Lunar New Year) for the first time this year, we were a day late due to Kyle's schedule but we had a great time.  I made pajeon, dukgok, and both savory and sweet hoddeok. I cooked for about four hours so it definitely felt like a big feast.  When it was finally all done and we sat down to eat, I was both hungry and worn out.  I was really impressed with how good the food had turned out, since it was my first stab at Korean cooking (Kyle has always done it in the past).  Apparently I was enjoying my food a bit too much, Kyle pointed out that I was making a "mmm" sound every time I took a bite, I was grossing him out with my umm...enthusiasm, what can I say Korean food is good! :)

*To avoid that akward situation where you child points to someone and says, "look mommy that man is really fat", we have a rule that the only thing you can say about/to a stranger is a compliment, such as, "I like her dress."  It has worked really well and I have only had one embarrassing incident (so far) with each child.  Unfortunately most adults do not have as good of manners as my 5 and 3 year olds.  Twice a week we are at a building containing many doctors' offices and we have to ride the elevator.  Every single time we are there we have an adult on the elevator/hallway tell Jack that "he is tiny, small, so very very tiny!"  They say this as if they are paying him a compliment or as if he is not intelligent enough to understand them.  It always makes him feel uncomfortable and he looks at me to try and figure out what to do, and I'm at a loss.  For the record, boys who are almost four do not find being "so very tiny" to be a compliment and sometimes it's okay to not say every thought that comes to your mind.  Thank you!

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*I have been in a very experimental mood when it comes to food lately, I'm sure it's because of Pinterest.  Anywho, I want to pass on the best breakfast sandwich of all time.  I often make myself an egg and cheese muffin to eat on my way to drop Kylynn off of school but I thought I'd shake it up a bit the other day and wow! it was amazing.  Take a toasted (I like mine very toasted) english muffin, put blackberry jam on both sides, cook an egg over medium (so that the yoke is just a little runny), put a piece of swiss cheese on it while the egg is hot, and there you have it, so good!  You'll make noises when you eat, right it's not just me that does that sometime...

*I've started reading the Hunger games and since I'm only about half way through the first book I'm doing okay at not letting it take over my life.  So far I find it not half as addictive as the Twilight series, but I believe that the first book in Twilight did not consume me either, so we'll see.  Reading it is part of the reason I have been so productive lately, I've been making deals with myself of things I need to do before I read.  I haven't been so on the ball and so consistent in reading the Bible in months! :)

*If I talk about pinterest again will you stop being my friend?  I would, geez lady get a real life friend!  Ok, so I've noticed a trend in my use of pinterest I'll pin anything crafts I'll never do, clothes I can never afford, homes that will always be 47 times cleaner than mine, but the only thing I've translated from pin to real life: food.  I have cooked proably a third of all my recipe pins and haven't touched the other categories, I'm not even sure what's on my other boards.

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*On Seollal we also practiced our bowing and watched some Korean cartoons I found on you tube.  The big kids were instantly hooked on the Robocar Poli.  They begged me to watch it again today and sure enough they watched three episodes of a show in which they did not understand a single word.  I'm really excited about it, as Jack is really loving the fact that he is Korean right now so the more Korean culture I can incorporate into our lifes the better.  Of course the fact that it was Korean did not make Chloe want to watch it anymore than any other TV show, it's a sign of a bad mommy when you wish your child would want to watch TV, add it to the list.

How about you what bit of randomness do you have for me today?  Books I need to read, food I need to eat, movies to see, stories to hear?  Let me know!  I hope y'all have a week filled with random beauty, it's all around us if we just take the time to notice.



Yvonne said...

Way to go with those awesome Korean dishes!! I love hoddeok and while I have had the other two items, my pajeon is always gooey. Not sure why - but maybe if I watch maangchi I'll do better. I agree, by the way - Korean food is awesome! And different Korean cartoons - that's awesome too! My kids adore pororo, but cars and trucks with faces is right up their alley. I'll have to try that out. And yes, rude comments. The one of my week was "are they natural siblings?" My thoughts were not positive, let me tell you. And I love what you said about pinterest - I feel my to do list getting longer each time I go on there, but at the same time I'm just so inspired :)

Happy Wednesday!

thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so proud of you for taking on those Korean dishes! Maangchi is fabulous and she helped me get started with all kinds of things!

thewonderfulhappens said...

Oh and PS--I think you will LOVE the Hunger Games series. I am so pumped that the first movie comes out in March!

Christine said...

Great job cooking all that food! Sorry about the rude comments you keep getting, I just don't know why people would think saying things like that would be something positive. Hasn't everyone seen Bambi by now?

Lately I've been reading A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury...really good fiction book (so far) about restoration in a broken marriage. There's a sequel to it as well, A Time to Embrace. As far as food to try, have you heard of the blog called Chocolate Covered Katie? You should Google's been a wonderful source of healthy desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not feel guilty afterwards. :)

Barbara said...

I'm laughing about your take on pinterest. I'd been holding out for a while, but I stumbled across some recipes on pinterest and now I'm very interested. I requested an invitation, so we'll see how it goes...

I loved Hunger Games and think you will love it too. Let us know if you get sucked in!

Your Seollal feast sounds amazing. *jealous*!