Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's talk Pinterest

Have y'all noticed I've been a little absent on this here blog lately, it's because of a little thing called Pinterest.  Are you on Pinterest, if so let's discuss, if not well listen in and decide if the good outweighs the bad, I honestly don't know.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

You see Pinterest is a little like crack.  Well I've never done crack (shocking I know), how about this Pinterest is a little like cheese puffs.  One taste and your hooked, before you know it you can't stop consuming until the last one has been eaten.  When it's all said and done you're left feeling a little guilty but mostly thinking about when you can have more.

For those of you not on Pinterest, it is website where you can create virtual pinboards of pictures (that include links to the website they're from) organized by category.  You also follow others and see what they're pinning, which if you're not creative (like me) you can just re-pin whatever they do.  I have a board with recipes, one with fashion, one with ideas for my home, one I used while Christmas shopping, and one for guilty pleasures, like this picture of my favorite vampire someone pinned and I literally could not stop myself.

Here's the thing about Pinterest that separates it from all the other time wasters out there on the web.  After I spend an hour on Pinterest I feel like I just cooked this dinner and this one, made this dessert to boot, styled my hair, bought a whole new outfit, learned how to clean my bathroom with a grapefruit, and painted my island turquoise!  Only problem is all I really did was spend an hour looking at pretty pictures and pinning them onto my boards.

But believe or not I do actually use the things I pin.  I've become much more fashion conscious, well some days at least.  I've cooked many of the recipes I've found, and found that just because someone has a fancy camera doesn't mean their recipe is any good, but sometimes it does.  I've tried the sock bun for curling my hair, and it made my hair look like a rat's nest, but I'm hoping it was user's error and will try again.  I used it very effectively to pick out Christmas gifts, and have a list as long as Kyle's arm (he's got long arms) for projects to do around the house.  In short, it's made me more creative and eager to try new things then I've been since I grew up and lost that creative energy that used to drive me.

Are you on Pinterest?  If so let me know I'd love to follow you, because the more people I follow the more cool pins I see when I log on and the less likely I am to click on the "popular" pins link and find myself drowning in a world of amazing pins that never ends.  Afterall a girl's gotta sleep sometime.

*wow, the word "Pinterest is very hard to spell and blogger needs to learn it's a real word so I can easily see where I've messed up*


Yvonne said...

love pinterest. but it can also make me feel a bit stressed out because suddenly there are so many more things that are so cool and I want to do, if only I had the time, money, and oh yeah, motivation.

But I'll keep going back - the creative fix is addicting!

thewonderfulhappens said...

I have a confession. I joined Pinterest and spent time there one weekend. And I've never been back. True story. I do think it's cool, though.
And Holy FREAKING Moley!!!! That picture of Rob Pattinson? I am speechless.......and a little sweaty over here.

Barbara said...

Still haven't taken the pinterest plunge...I'm a tad worried that it would take over my world, but man, I am intrigued just by the things you've pinned. I'm particularly drawn to the clothes combo. So nice!