Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modern day machines (the good and bad), teeth, and more on Pinterest

*Can I get a hallelujah for modern day machines.  I am finally finding the time to write because dinner is cooking in the crock pot and bread machine, the washer and dryer are cleaning my clothes, and of course the TV/DVD is babysitting my children.  I feel kind of like superwoman, which makes absolutely no sense because I am doing very little work at the moment.

*Chloe doesn't watch TV yet so she is not actually being babysat, just being ignored, which I will regret later.  Besides climbing and opening doors, she is really into hitting Jack these days.

*I'm making Creamy Chicken and Rice soup for dinner, oh man it looks so good!  Of course I pinned it.

*Jack is no longer being babysat either, due to 1)his decision that all movies (Corduroy is on) are scary, no matter what the topic, he tells me he doesn't want to watch this movie anymore after about 1 minute because it's scary and 2) Chloe and the whole hitting Jack fascination.

*On Saturday I had eaten a really large breakfast and so for lunch I decided to make this really yummy looking smoothie(from Pinterest duh), with spinach and all sorts of berries.  I loaded up about $5 worth of produce into my blender and it died on me, I was so upset at the thought of throwing away all that (expensive) food, that I put it in the fridge.  It's still there and it looks disgusting I really need to throw it out, but then I will have officially wasted all that food.

*Kylynn's first tooth is loose, last night at dinner she started crying about how her tooth was stuck.  I looked at it and it was really loose and bleeding a little.  Kyle and I both were a little freaked out about it (which says so much about us I know) and I realized that once again I've reached a stage in parenting where I have no idea what's happening.  Later that night she used my magnified mirror to check it all out and found that her permanent tooth has already broken through behind it.  If you're a tooth expert, let me know if for some reason that's a problem.

*I was over at a friend's house the other night and I walked in and instantly saw something on her wall and just knew...Pinterest!  But most of the time when I'm with friends and I try to tell them about something I saw on Pinterest (which is sadly often) they're not members and have no idea what I'm talking about.  If my phone wasn't from 1987, I could pull it up and show them, but instead I just say never mind and they're left thinking I need to get a life, which is entirely true.

*I have probably used Wikipedia about 3 times in my life and then today of all days I needed it to look up information on the Lunar New Year and how they celebrate it in Korea, we've never celebrated it and I saw some of my fellow Korea mommies do really cool things with their kiddos so I wanted to this year and of course today they're protesting with a blackout.  Unfortunately with the brain I have these days I will not remember to check back tomorrow.

*I'm sure that there was more randomness that I intended on writing when I sat down, but Chloe has come in every 30 seconds to pull on my arm and then throw herself on the ground in dramatic flair to inform me of her extreme dislike that I am not paying attention to her!  So for now friends I hope you have a great Wednesday, full of randomness, and that you see the beauty in all of it around you.

Oh crap Chloe's got the cookies and some of my pottery and is playing the "drums", peace out!


Yvonne said...

Oh yes - I know the feeling of superwoman when all the machines are working for you. Ahh - finally feel like you are doing it all! I'm with you. And for the record - you did a lot!

Random thoughts on Korean New Year - this is the year of the dragon and there are lots of fun craft ideas out there for that; eat some yummy Korean food ( is good for this - my favorite are her bulgogi stew, kimbop, and we all love jap chae); and practice bowing. And I bet KWOW (korean word of the week) on youtube has "Happy New Year" in Korean. But as much or as little as you do will be awesome - just enjoy being together!!

Happy Wednesday :)

thewonderfulhappens said...

Love your randomness this week! Ah the modern woman--I feel like some kind of movie star when I get dinner going in the crock pot in the morning. It opens up so much time later on in the day. So why do I only do it about 3 times/month???
I'm no expert, but I think Kylynn's tooth will be fine. But don't hold me to it. You could google it, but it was probably blacked out in protest too. And I'm not even sure what is being protested.
As for the Lunar new year, we are having a huge Korean feast and inviting 2 couples over for dinner. Mostly because I am OBSESSED with the Kimchi Chronicles cookbook and feel the need to cook all of the recipes right now! Also, I will be going to the boys' classrooms and reading a book "This Next New Year" and bringing Korean snacks for the kids to try--that was just a spur of the moment thing that I thought up yesterday!

Sue said...

what a great list!!
and OMG!!! leo is scared of EVERYTHING these days too. it is driving me bonkers. absolutely bonkers. i think i have finally caught on that it is an attention getting technique. but, i am clueless as to how i am supposed to rid him of it.
i need to learn the magic of the crockpot. soon. so glad you are making the most of yours.
pinterest...i love it. you can talk pinterest with me any ole time.
i just posted about korean new year...check it out. but, one thing we plan on doing is leaving on all the lights new year's eve - they do it in korea to welcome in the new year with brightness and open eyes. can't wait to read what your family decided to do.

Barbara said...

Your description of your children watching TV is eerily similar to my experience. Usually Matthew doesn't watch for more than 5 seconds, and Daniel is telling me that he "doesn't want this show. I want a different one." Scary is a major thing for D now too. Argh!