Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

*School is out and we are claiming this the summer of "there's no hurry."  I want my children to not have to "hurry up" this summer the way they have the past four months.  I want them to stay in their pajamas as long as they want.  Better yet I want to have at least one a day a week where we all go straight from jamas to bathing suits to jamas.  I want us all to rest, to be restored, to get to know each other again, to allow Chloe the time to find her place, and learn that she won't always have to spend so much time in a car seat.

*Have I told you guys the doctor things Jack is lactose intolerant.  I can't remember if I have, but I believe he's correct and so far we're seeing less symptoms he was having before we removed dairy from his diet.  He misses cheetos, a lot.

*My baby turns 5, as in five years old, as in it's been five whole years since I laid in that hospital bed and found out I had a girl, a girl!  Five just sounds so old.  Have I mentioned she's going to kindergarten next year, which means tomorrow she'll be 16 and next week she'll have her own children.  Sigh...

*I signed the kids up for gymnastics, we are all super excited!  When I was standing there watching the girls practice, I couldn't help but remember how that used to be my dream.  I was passionate about gymnastics, I would tape the competitions on TV and watch them over and over and try to learn how to do their routines.  The one small problem was I was not a gymnast, so when I was 15, I decided that since I loved gymnastics so much I should take some gymnastic classes (duh!).  I called around and found a place that offered beginning classes to older kids.  I had a blast.  Yesterday I tried to teach Kylynn to do a cart wheel, which involved me doing a cart wheel, A. wow! I felt brave doing a cart wheel, I mean you are hurling yourself at the ground, and B. ouch, who knew how many muscles it takes to do a cartwheel.

*Last night for dinner I made my own ChickFila salads, copied them to a T and can I tell you, they were amazing!  This might also have to be the summer of the ChickFila chicken strip salad.

*Speaking of ChickFila I decided that I wanted a peach milkshake like they offered a few summers ago. I had bought the peaches and cream ice cream from Bluebell, so I knew it would be amazing.  I asked Kyle if he would make it for me because sometimes I just get sick of preparing food (I do it all day long!) and he said sure.  When he gave me my milkshake, it tasted, well, bad.  I couldn't figure out what had gone wrong, until I realized there was something in it I had to chew.  He told me very proudly that he had put graham crackers in it, because he went the other day and ordered a shake and he paid very close attention to how to make it.  My sweet husband had order a banana pudding milkshake and had confused that with a peach milkshake, also we realized they were most likely putting vanilla wafers in it, not graham crackers!



thewonderfulhappens said...

graham crackers in a milkshake?? Nice try, Kyle, but....yuck.
And I have a confession--I have never even attempted a cartwheel. I'm a total ninny.

Heather H said...

Poor Kyle! He tried so hard!! He's a great husband anyway:) I love the pajamas to swimsuits to pajamas!!

Lori said...

I'm totally impressed that you can do a cartwheel! I'm also impressed that your husband would take the time to put crackers in your milkshake. Sounds disgusting but still thoughtful of him:)