Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm loving this month

I'm not sure exactly how to say this, I don't want to get some weird hits on my blog this week, so here goes nothing.  When I was pregnant with Kylynn I went from being "chesty" to "very chesty" and even as I lost most of that weight over the past 5 years, that particular area of my body is the exact same size as it was when I was a nursing mama.  So I hate putting on a swimsuit for all the normal reason plus the reason of looking like a 60 year old woman with her chest hanging done around her waist.  Not to mention I look like I'm trying to be revealing, really I'm not I just can't find a top to fit me correctly!

I decided enough was enough and I was just going to have to shell out some money for a swim top this year, even the cheapskate in me is so happy with the results.  Land's End has such an amazing selection for swim suits no matter what your particular flaw(s) are.  In several of the tops you can pick your size and THEN choose your cup size (if you are a D or above) or even choose tops made for women who've had a mastectomy or are long waisted.  So for 40$ after shipping, I got this lovely lady.

I love it, love it, love it!  It fits so nicely, it has underwire (can I get a hallelujah!) and I can keep the girls completely covered, which is always nice when you live in a relatively small town and are always running into friends at the pool (am I the only one who feels odd standing in a bathing suit talking to our youth pastor?).  I had the swim mini that I got from Land's End last year on clearance for 10$ so for 50$ I have a swimsuit I actually feel good in, for the first time since I became a mom.

We are part of a new ministry at our church aimed at raising awareness in the church to care for orphans.  The leader of the group went to a conference on the topic of orphan care and brought back the book, Castaway Kid by R. B. Mitchell.  I'm not quite done with the book yet but I am blowing through it, it is amazing and uplifting and basically you need to read it.  I am struck while I read it on the many adults who made a difference in his life growing up even though he was never adopted.  I am even more struck that God has more in store for our family and what he would like us to do to love the orphan.

Have you had the chicken strip salad at Chick Fila, well you need to.  Personally I'm not usually one to waste a good eating out by getting a salad, but this salad is better than anything else I've ever had there.  It's the perfect combination of getting in several vegetables but still getting that great flavor of their chicken.

Did y'all watch the finale of Parenthood.  Ok I know it was like a whole month ago, but I DVRed and watched it a couple of weeks ago, so good!  I was going to eat a piece of cake while watching it, ultimate relaxation, but I cried the entire hour and couldn't eat my cake (don't you worry I ate it later).  Please tell me you guys love this show, such good TV!

My friend I love but have never met, Elizabeth, told me to read Please Look after Mom by Kyung-sook Shin, and I always do what she says.  It was awesome, loved getting to learn little bits about Korean culture and it was beautifully written.  My only critique was I would have like more of it, I think (although I might have just been confused by the names) that there is a child that we never get to know and we could have gotten to know the father more as well.

Finally I would like to bring back dancing in the rain.  I believe in it, as in if I had a I had a "rules to live by" it would contain, never pass up a chance to dance in the rain.  You can have things like that on your rules when you live in Texas, in Seattle I'm thinking not so much.


thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm glad you liked the book! My one main complaint was that I was confused because of the point of view that the book was written from. I could never remember whose "voice" was telling the story because they just referred to them as you, and it kept changing.

My explanation of that is probably more confusing that the actual book though.

I will request Castaway Kid from the library. Sounds like a good read!

Glad you got some coverage for your girls. I went from average to "chesty" to pitiful during my career as gestator and nursing mother and back to regular old "gal".

As for the salad.....hmmm, I don't know. I am very wary of anything that co-habitates with broccoli.

thewonderfulhappens said...

How could I forget Parenthood????? Love it, love it, love it. Peter Krause is so amazing. My other favorite show is Modern Family. They both keep me laughing and crying!

Nilam said...

Man, I wish that my "girls" stayed the same size that they were when I was nursing. As it is, they are smaller than before.