Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's a graduate

Kylynn had her pre-school graduation this week which made me think to the first time I got to wear elbow length gloves.  At my pre-school graduation I wore knee-socks on my hands, really it's a true story.  I really loved Miss Piggy, what does that say about me?, and I loved her elbow length gloves.  I thought that my pre-school graduation was a fine enough event for me to need such gloves, but my mom disagreed.  Never one to be deterred by a mother's no, I snuck some knee-socks in my backpack and apparently the teachers thought it was too funny to stop me.  I wish I had the pictures here at my house but they're at my parent's, I can tell you that in those pictures it is clear that I fully believe that, 1. I look very good and 2. there's no difference between elbow length gloves and knee socks.  There is not a hint of embarrassment on my face.

Pre-school graduations are at the same time silly and exciting.  As a parent watching you catch yourself feeling sentimental over this school she'll never go to again, these friends she won't see anymore and then you snap out of it and realize, she's four and she doesn't know the difference.  All the same I was glad for the chance to make her feel special, to remind her that it's a big deal to be starting kindergarten next year and to remember all she's learned this year.

I'm perhaps the only parent who actually watched the event, the rest of them spent the entire time viewing it through their camera lens and since that was Kyle's job, I figured I might as well enjoy what was before me at that moment.  They began with a play, Kylynn played someone from the orient, which I thought was rather appropriate.  They then sang us several songs, said a Bible verse, and of course "graduated."

The kids did such a great job, the play was done really well and the set and the costumes were amazing, way more than I was expecting.  Afterwards we got to look through their scrapbooks and of course eat some cookies, which Kylynn told me before was what she was looking forward to the most, she's apparently not one for sentiment :).

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thewonderfulhappens said...

Love this. You must get pictures of yourself in those glove-socks. YOU MUST!