Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catch up

I'm not sure where I've been, how I went a week without blogging and worse a week without reading all the blogs I love so much.  Life has been busy and I find myself sometimes wondering how I'll ever get it all done.  Is it just me or do you ever read the blogs of the women with 4,5,6,7 kids and wonder how that is actually possible, am I doing something wrong?

Some fun things we've been up to lately.  Kylynn had her ballet recital and Nana came down for a visit, and got to meet her granddaughter for the first time.

Chloe went swimming for the first time, she was semi-interested.

I found this awesome website, tinyprints, and made the most beautiful mother's day cards you ever did see.  I forgot to take a picture of Nana's before sealing it, but took some of my mom's.  I will never buy another Hallmark, not to mention they have coupon codes!

We took our first trip as a family of five.  It was good, it was hectic and busy, but good.  While we were home we got to celebrate my parent's 35th anniversary.  I will always treasure sitting at that restaurant listening to them talk of the last 35 years, not to mention I had the best steak of my life :).

We also enjoyed some relaxing in the pool and celebrating our moms!

That catches y'all up to this week, but you don't want to see pictures of my messy house or laundry, so we'll leave it there for now :)


thewonderfulhappens said...

You look just like your mom!
And I love that card--I will have to check that site out.

1-2-TheeMotimes said...

lol I love the "PS the gift is in the mail" Too funny!