Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Russell Moore and Loretta Lynn

One of my new favorite blogs these days is Moore to the Point by Russell D. Moore.  I very much enjoy reading his takes on living out our daily lives as followers of Jesus.  I was going to send my readers over there today, to read his article, Honk if you love anti-Christian bumper stickers, but then as I finished reading it the article below it caught my eye.

The article, You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take my Man), is part of his new series the Cross and the Jukebox and you actually listen to a talk on that song/topic, so I've never taken the time to listen to one before, but it was well worth my time.  This talk is about 30 minutes long and is on Loretta Lynn's song, "You ain't woman enough to take my man", and I just had to hear what he was going to say about it after reading the opening line. 
"What does Loretta Lynn have to say to the Internet pornography scourge in our churches? Well, maybe more than you think."
The church we attend has done a relatively good job on talking about the elephant in the room, that is internet pornography and how it has become a cancer in our churches and in our homes today, but I'm afraid in many Christian churches Satan is winning by making sure this topic is never discussed openly.  

In surveys it is reported that 70% of Christian men age 18 to 34 look at internet pornography at least once a month.  So I doubt there is any among us who couldn't benefit from listening to Russel Moore's talk this month, if it doesn't touch your family than it is sure to touch the lives' of some of your close friends.  Listen up women and find out how to stand up and say, "you ain't woman enough to take my man."

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