Monday, February 21, 2011

An eating assignment for you, your welcome

On Saturday we headed out to have some frozen yogurt, Kylynn had chosen that as her reward for that week's star chart.  Can I just tell you, how hard it is to not try and sway her decision when it comes to what reward she chooses that week, I wish she would pick the "ice cream" reward more often but she doesn't.  So anyways we decided to try a new frozen yogurt place I had heard about.  Another side note, what is the deal with our relatively small city having 37 frozen yogurt places suddenly, it's like we're going for a new record or trying to get picked as the frozen yogurt capital of the world.

Anyways, we ended up at Project Yogurt, in Bryan and I need all of you to make it your new frozen yogurt headquarters.  Get this, they donate 10% of all of their profits to charity, the charities that they donate to change every quarter but are currently, Still Creek Ranch, ONE Aggieland, Hospice of the Brazos Valley, Down Syndrome Association of the Brazos Valley, and United Way.  They also have a place set up where you can donate extra money to any of the organizations.  The yogurt was amazing, I liked it much more than the one I'd had at some other local yogurt shops, but Kyle thought it tasted exactly the same as the other shops.  They had great toppings, including one I'd never seen and loved, cheesecake pieces, kind of cancels out the whole eating yogurt thing but I try not to think about that.

If your a local check them out, their prices were the same as other yogurt shops, so you can spend the same amount of money but support local charities, such a wonderful idea.  Not to mention there was tons a seating, and the workers were super friendly.  They're located in the shopping center by the Bryan HEB on Villa Maria.

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thewonderfulhappens said...

It's not just your town!!! The frozen yogurt sensation has reached us too. What's worse is that I have yet to eat at any of them!!! Gotta get busy.....