Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stealing Kisses

Oh my dear Jackie is growing up so fast. If it were not so obvious in all the things he does I wouldn't be able to believe that he is almost two years old. Apparently another kid at school snuck him a copy of the two year old handbook, because it is so amazing how he suddenly knows exactly what a two year old does.

He got a step stool for Christmas, which he loves, because now he is truly a "big boy" and can do most anything by himself, including getting into food that was not for him or getting things off the counter that are most definitely not toys. He uses his stool to brush his teeth every morning and I often catch him re-brushing his teeth for the 5th or 6th time that day.

He has discovered an outlet for frustration, hitting, of course. If he is mad at Kylynn or me he will run towards us spitting bubbles and hit us. This is of course not acceptable and he is always disciplined, but the look of frustration on his little face followed by a swat I can barely feel is enough to make me laugh if I'm not careful. He has also discovered a way to get back at Kylynn for all the physical assaults he has endured, hair pulling, although he is not a good hitter, he is a great hair puller, don't worry he gets disciplined for this too (but I secretly think in my head, she had it coming!)

Best and worst of all, Jack has learned how to kiss. Whereas previously if you asked for a kiss he would lean towards you and offer you his forehead, he now puckers up and gives you a real kiss. Now when I say "you" don't think I mean "me", no in the two plus months he has been offering these precious kisses I am yet to receive one. His monkey, blanket, grandparents, Kylynn, Daddy, the concrete turtle outside, and frequently the toilet (don't ask) have all received kisses but not me. The first time he kissed the toilet I laughed out loud, I rank below the toilet! But really I think he knows how much I want him to give me a kiss and he also knows that he doesn't have to, so it's a fun little game and a small power trip for him, so for now I'm resigned to stealing kisses from him.

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