Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Count down

Did you see my new gadget on my blog? Over there in the top left-hand corner. It's a countdown to the Winter Olympics, pretty obvious I know.

I've always loved the Olympics. When I was a girl I loved the summer Olympics and kind of liked the winter Olympics, then once I married Kyle I found myself loving both, and now, well I've become a bit of a nut about the Olympics.

Want to get together and play during the time the Olympics will be on TV, no way, not going to happen, I'm busy. Want to have a meaningful conversation about something going on in your life, fine, as long as you don't mind the olympics on in the background. Don't worry, I'm kidding...sort of.

Do you love the Olympics, too? Do you consider buying a new TV or signing up for a new cable package just for the Olympics? Do you decide that when the Olympics are on, your kids screen time is raised to 10 hours a day? If so join me in the countdown.

1 comment:

Nilam said...

I love the Olympics, too, but the fact that they are now so commercialized annoys me.

Our next major purchase is a flat screen tv (we still have a 19 inch old style tv), and I told Greg that while I don't want to go into debt to do it (that darn budget) I would love to have a new tv in time to watch the Olympics.