Monday, January 25, 2010

Laundry Day

It's Monday and it's amazing how much one's life can be flipped on it's head as you get older. For example Monday is one of my favorite days on the week, there was a time when I never would have belived that I would utter that sentence. When I worked outside the home Monday was the worst, the day the weekend came to an end and the work week began, goodbye relaxation, hello work.

But as a stay at home Mom, Monday is the day that I get back into the grove, and maybe it's just because I like what I do, but getting back into our routine is exciting to me. More likely it's because I have two young toddlers and toddlers thrive on routine, one that is easy to get out of when Daddy is home and it's fun time. Monday morning I wake up and slowly begin to put things back in order and get organized for the week ahead. Since I consider organizing one of my "hobbies", it's actually I really fun day for me, I know, I know, organization is not really a hobby, but it makes me happy

Monday is also my "don't go anywhere" day. I got the idea from an older lady in a bible study, who's children are mostly grown, and I loved it. When you spend most days running around trying to get to different events and get errands accomplished, a day where you just stay at home and re-charge is perfect.

Finally, every other Monday is laundry day in our house, and get ready to think I'm weirder than you already do, I love doing laundry. Give me a moment to explain, first it is the only chore that I do that seems to stay done for the full two weeks in between (I know it's just an illusion, but I'll take it). The dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, picking up, is so quickly undone by my family, but the laundry stays hidden in those hampers until the next time it's laundry day. Second, it involves organization: the first step is sorting all the laundry into the different color piles. And last but definitely not least, I can sit on my butt and watch TV and actually be "working" because I'm folding laundry.

Happy Monday Y'all!


Sarah said...

I totally agree about loving Monday because it is a "down" day. But you are crazy about the loving laundry thing. Incidentally, that is the one thing I don't love about's laundry day at our house, too.

jp said... girl...i feel your MONDAY JOY!!! we too go NO where on Mondays, I feel very strongly about this, and I too enjoy the organization of getting the house ready and the laundry done!! ahh...such peace

Jenny said...


How about we could not only switch babysitting but also chores...I'll do your laundry, you clean my whole house! :) Just kidding.

Thanks for the fun comment..I think that's you.