Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road Trip 2009

Driving through West Texas when everything is going well, which it is right now (Jack is sleeping, Kylynn quiet) is perhaps the most peaceful drive there is, from the perspective of a overworked and stressed out mom. Here, is the definition of the "middle of nowhere", no signs of life (with the exception of a few prairie dogs) as far as the eye can see. Out here I am convinced my God is Big!, the vanstness of His creation, the miles of white fluffy clouds, the moutains in the distance remind me that I am like a spec of sand on the beach. That whatever tasks or trials make me busy and tired, they so very fleeting.

The stess has drained from my body, my to-do list seems of no importance. Praise- that is all I want to do,
I praise You, oh Lord for you are such a big God!! I praise you that my eyes cannot see nor my mind comprehend the works of Your hands. I praise You that with all of this creation to bring You glory, You still made me and even love me more than the tree, rocks, or prairie dogs I see around me.

A road trp in the middle of moving, suddenly seems like a perfect plan, necessary really. You have brought rest to the weary and already I feeel restored.

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