Monday, July 6, 2009

black is brown is tan

I love to read, so I am amazed sometimes by how much I do not enjoy reading books to Kylynn. Some days I feel like if I have to read another story about Elmo or Clifford I'm going to throw up, and often I've started to summarize the pages instead of reading them because they are the most unoriginal stories I've ever read.

So when I find a children's book I love, usually from the library, because the stores seem to only sell more of the same, I feel the need to share it, just in case you've gotten a case of the Elmo blues too.

black is brown is tan, by Arnold Adoff, is a beautifully written book. It is written as a poem and I love listening to it being read out loud, once I find the rhythm of the book it sounds like a beautiful song. The pictures are like wonderful paintings. My favorite line from the book is, "this is how it is for us, this is who we are." It makes me very emotional to read it so by the time we get to the end and I read Kylynn the paragraph about the background of the book I have to keep myself from crying.

I won't give too much away, but I highly recommend you check this one out of better yet buy it for a gift. What better gift to give a child than the opportunity to learn that God makes families all different and that it is nothing to be alarmed by to see a family made up of different races.

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