Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's just a house

It's official we've sold our house, the inspection is done and we have all agreed.

I'm not good at this next part, moving on, saying goodbye.

It is a house, just a house, I know that's what you're thinking, and besides you're getting a new house in the process.

I am happy and excited about the new house, about the new adventure, but a sorrow hangs on me when my mind wanders to leaving this place.

I asked Kyle if he was sad, "Of course I'm sad, this house is ME". Yes, that is it exactly this house is us. This house has been meticulously and purposely changed into a home we love. We spent the vast majority of our weekends before Kylynn was born and many since making it our home. When we move out this month we will leave behind a home that is different on almost every surface inside and out than when we bought it. And I will miss it like a dear friend.

But really I'm sad about the memories that will be trapped here, because no matter how hard you try only some memories live on in your head, most of them are left behind where they were born. Without the sight of that tree, the mark on the door, or the smell of the backyard, they are lost to you forever.

God loves Kyle and I, and so He blessed us with a woman buying our home who said she fell in love with it. It brings me unbelievable comfort that she will love this home and living in it. I hope these walls have many more wonderful memories to witness and joy to hear.

And who knows someday when we're old and no longer need the space maybe this house could be ours again, at least that's what I tell myself to ease the sadness.

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KyleC said...

My grandmother lived my entire life in a home her husband built in San Antonio, yet she never stopped speaking of the home she loved in Connecticut, where they started their marriage. I come from a long line of people who stay in homes for a long time (20 years or more). It will be hard to say goodbye.