Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Congratulations on three years

Dear Kylynn's Mommy,

We want to congratulate you on your three years of service in this position. Although your performance reviews have not all been positive, we are happy to report that we are overall pleased with your accomplishments in this position.

This position has not been easy, so you should feel proud of yourself for having survived three full years. We would like to encourage you that although there are over fifteen years of this position remaining, they will fly by as quickly as the first three. We hope that you now realize you are fully capable of successfully filling this position. Please remember you survived twenty seven hours of labor, nineteen months of nursing, countless hours of lost sleep, tears and frustration aplenty both on your and Kylynn's part. You should be proud of yourself that you succeeded in surviving these hard times and be encouraged in the future when more come your way.

Never forget that this position, though it can bring heartache, is perhaps the most greatly rewarded position available. The hugs, kisses, "I love yous", and giggles should be referenced when having a particularly difficult day. The rewards will change in the remaining years and sometimes may have seemed to disappear completely, but never forget the ultimate reward in your future: grandchildren.

Your role if done correctly will glorify the King and can draw others to Christ. Never forget who it is that you're working for and know that you can always call on Him, no matter what resource it is you are lacking at the moment. Raising children who love the Lord is the greatest accomplishment you will ever have and we continue to hope this for you and your family.

The moms who have gone before you

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