Sunday, June 21, 2009

The cruise...

If I'm going to have to be thirty, and I've not yet decided if I am, I might as well enjoy it right?

Right, so my sweet sisters, took me on a cruise to celebrate, or maybe to soften the blow.

It was wonderful, it was restful, it was peaceful.

I realized that my sisters are not 17 and 15 (the ages they were when I last lived at home). They are beautiful women who are intelligent and articulate, dependable and thoughtful.

It was nice to figure out how we fit together now as adults with our own families.

It was nice to say things to each other that needed to be said, to confirm that ours is a relationship that will always be, birth to death, and one that we need.

At the end I was anxious to get back to my husband and children, but sad to not wake up in the same room as my sisters. I have been given such gifts in this life.

Oh and I laughed really really hard and got so close to throwing up, but I didn't, I mean after all we are adults now.

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