Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A few years back I did a Bible study with a lady, that was designed to share the gospel with someone who knew absolutely nothing about God and Christianity. It turned out I learned a lot too and one thing that stuck with me was the study of God creating the earth. I had never considered before that when God was creating the earth and everything on it, He could have made it all gray, or all quiet, or all the same. I never took the time to thank God for the creativity that He shared with us when He created the world. I love that he used so many colors, that all the birds make a different chirp, that some animals are so funny looking that they make me laugh.

God took his time, his creativity, and his care when he created this earth, the trees, the oceans, the animals, and the birds. He loves His creation, the Bible says that God provides for the animals. He loved us enough to give us this beautiful creation to live in and He asks us to manage it for Him.

I don't care what your politics are, if you a believer in Jesus Christ, you have a responsibility to God's creation. How that exactly looks is between you and God, ask Him to show you what you need to do better to care for His creation. Here are some things He has shown me over the years and some I hope to work on this year.

Reduce: I'm an American. And even a thrifty one who doesn't like to shop has too much stuff. God is revealing to me that I have entirely too much food in my home, it causes things to spoil and go to waste and I am not being a good steward when that happens. I am planning on doing a grocery store fast of sorts that I read about in the next week or two (more on that later...I've yet to ask Kyle! :)

Let's try walking from time to time or riding our bike or at least car pooling. What is in the air we breathe really matters, let's try and keep it clean, and really I need the excercise!

Reuse: The things people throw away. I will never understand it. My backyard is full of "trash", our playground, our play car, a ball, and an art easel all came from someone's trash. These things look and work great but someone threw them away. Now I'm all about getting rid of things you don't need, I hate when I have too much stuff. But please donate it! Salvation Army will come and pick it up for free!

Share. Share with your friends (kids clothes, maternity clothes, rarely used tools, half the cake you baked on a whim). Share with the community, use your library for books, magazines, and movies (brand new releases! for free!!). Share with those who have less than you, too much food give it to the food bank, too much stuff give it to a charity.

Recycle: If you are not recycling and you have free, curb side recycling service, what are you waiting for? Just do it, get the free bags or crate, put your stuff in it and recycle! It is not hard. If your town doesn't have recycling, call your mayor or city council, this is 2009 it won't take much pressure for one to be started.

How about a compost bin. That is my goal for this year, to get my hubbie to make me one (he wants one too). That way I can throw away even less things and get wonderful fertilizer for my gardens.

How about you? Regardless of what you think about my views, I encourage you to pray about it. Would He have you change any of the practices in your life? My opinion is meaningless, His is everlasting.

Happy Earth Day!

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KyleC said...

That's right! Use less stuff. I like biking, so riding to work is fun. Even so, I'm still proud on the days when I ride to work.