Friday, April 3, 2009


We're home from the hospital and we're all doing okay, I think! :)

We arrived at the hospital at 6am on Wednesday morning and they took him back at 7am. The last surgeon came to tell us that he was done and all went well at 11:30am. About 30 minutes later we both got to go back into the recovery area to hold Jack as he came to. I was so relieved that they let Kyle come to because it was basically my worst nightmare to be in a giant room surrounded by people who had just had surgery, while I was supposed to hold my hurting baby and hold oxygen in front of his face to help him breathe. I was so afraid I was going to pass out...remember the fainting goat analogy. Then they wheeled me, holding him up to our room, he promptly emptied his stomach of blood and then I knew, I'm definitely going to pass out. So his nurses had to take care of him and me, get me some soda and crackers and have me lay down, as soon as I got some sugar I was okay and didn't pass out afterall, but I think I'm officially disqualified for the mother of the year award :).

It was a long 24+ hours in the hospital. Jack wasn't feeling great, but most of all he wanted to rest, and for some reason hospitals make sure that you can never sleep for even 1 hour before they just have to do something (check our glove supply for instant) of great importance, and I'm talking about night time too. So he was very fussy and angry and I knew what would be best for him was to go home. Unfortunately he wasn't able to keep even water down for the first day, and then spiked a fever so they didn't release us in the morning. But Thursday, he kept his liquids down, so they let us go late that afternoon.

Now that we're home, Jack is doing much better. He is sleeping okay, but waking more frequently because he can't get comfortable, and seems to be in only minor pain. He is very fussy though, due to his frustration with those arm bands and I think hunger, he is still not so keen on eating with all the stitches and perhaps pain in his mouth. I've busted out my sling to hold him in because he is happiest if I'm holding him, he's a bit like a newborn right now, just a lot heavier! We'll probably to lots of walks and wagon pulls, because he seems to be able to enjoy those since he doesn't need his arms for that.

I am in your debt for your prayers, how amazing it is to know God was taking care of Jack throughout this process. Although I must admit God had to have a little talk with me in the middle of the night there in the hospital, I was so frustrated with Him not answering my prayer for them letting him sleep, He reminded me that I was forgetting in my frustration that He loved Jack more than I ever could and is taking care of Him perfectly, even if it doesn't look that way to me. It is amazing how quickly I can forget what I know to be true when I take my eyes off of God for a moment, I am so grateful for His grace.

I'll post some pictures of him in his arm bands soon, but right now both the kids are sleeping and I haven't showered in...well a while! :)

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agcat01 said...

are you kidding! right now it's a toss up btwn you and Charissa for mom of the year! i stand back in awe at your faith and resilience. I know both will be tested, but know you have friends in those times that will hold you in prayer.