Monday, March 23, 2009


Religion doesn't interest me much. I'm not interested in my children going through the motions, especially when there is nothing behind them.

It is my fervent pray and goal that they will fall madly in love with our God and will become a bit of a prayer nut :). I want them to grow to be in constant prayer with the Lord and to pray about all things.

I am so flawed it's not funny, but Kyle and I have this guide for praying for your children that we've done a month here and there and God has blessed our children because of those prayers.

Kylynn is growing towards someone who really loves God and is praying for, if not everything, a lot of things, even some things I maybe wouldn't have thought to pray for.

Here are some prayers that caused me to laugh in the past couple of days:

"Pray for Goldilocks, that she not get scared"

"Pray for Miss her and the babies. Pray for babies no get out of Miss C's belly. Pray put babies back in Miss C's belly if they get out. Amen"

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TheLudlows said...

I pray Kylynn's prayer too!

:) Miss C