Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Ol' San Antone

We just home from a fun mini-vacation. I decided to have Jack's birthday party in San Antonio since that is where his entire family is located so it was just easier for us to go to them than it was for them to come to us. Plus I could never fit twenty people in my house. And, since it was my mom's spring break the kids and I stayed the week there, while Kyle went home to work and tile some floors in our house.

We had a great time and it was even fun for me, since I had a few extra hands helping me all day. I got to take the kids to do things I would never attempt on my own, we went to the zoo (and rode the train!), got Kylynn's hair cut, got Kylynn new shoes, and ate at many yummy restaurants.

My dad even watched the kids one night so that us girls could go out on our own to a Spur's game. It was so nice to be out without the kids, and it was only the second time I'd ever left Jack with anyone in three months, so it was a much needed break.

When I was growing up I always envisioned myself living in the same town as my family, so that my kids could grow up with a close relationship with them. How wonderful it is that even though we're in different towns my kids get to spend many hours with them most months and are building that close relationship I dreamed of.

Grandpa holding Jack up (and his stroller!) so that he could see the snakes too.

Aunt Jessie and Kylynn posing
with the very photogenic hippo

Jack looking at the bears

Uncle James and Kylynn looking at the giraffe

They had a petting zoo at the zoo, but it only
contained goats :) Here they are brushing a goat

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