Sunday, January 4, 2009

You ate what?

Kylynn has some "free" time now that Jack is home. One day before Christmas I came out from rocking Jack to sleep and she was chewing something..

Me: "Kylynn, what are you eating?"
K: "baby Jesus"
Me: "What? What are you eating??"
K: "baby Jesus"
Me: "How did you manage to eat the baby Jesus figurine?"
K: "No mommy, the other baby Jesus" at this point she takes me into the kitchen and sure enough she had eaten baby Jesus.

At playgroup that day the kids had done a craft where they made a tiny manager with a peanut baby Jesus inside and I guess she just couldn't resist. Oh yeah, she ate it just like it looks, shell and all!

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texhickmans said...

hehehe, that's hilarious!!! btw, ty likes to eat peanuts in the shells, too. fiber?!