Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Month

We've had Jack home for a little over a month now, really only one month...who knew you could squeeze in as much as we have in the past month, I was sure it's been six.

I love when I have time alone with him, the day Kylynn is at "school" and the times when Kyle takes her out just the two of them. It's during those times that I'm able to just slow down and do what is really important but what rarely gets done during a typical day with two children, just be with my son. He is so different from Kylynn at this age in that he loves to laugh, really it's like he's just waiting for any excuse, and of course it's one of my favorite sounds, so we spend a lot time doing activities that make him laugh. I also love when I get to give him a bottle and all is still, when we get to look into each others eyes and just feel loved.

He has added many new skills in the past month, crawling the "normal" way, pulling up to standing, eating a cracker, and taking naps on a semi-regular basis (that one's my favorite!).

I get asked a lot about how he's adjusting and bonding to us. He is doing just wonderful, God has answered our prayers in amazing ways. He is completely bonded to me (and has been since about day two) and in the past week he has seemed to figure out who Kyle is and will now let him feed and rock him as well. As far as adjustment, truly I cannot believe how well he has done. His little world was turned upside down and he has taken it in stride. The first week he was not easily comforted when wanting to sleep, but since then even that has changed. I can tell that he is understanding more and more words and he is constantly chattering away. He loves Kylynn and they play games in the back of the car where she can make him giggle on and on, which I love. I am so grateful for the bonding that we have all done as we will soon begin the process of surgeries for his cleft palate and I am sure there will be a lot of comforting needed.

I know it might sound strange and truly I would not have believed it coming from someone else but everything feels perfectly "normal". I feel like we've always had him. I have no sadness over the first nine months of his life spent away from us, nor do I feel like I have to work at bonding with him. It feels exactly the same as when we brought Kylynn home from the hospital, instantly my son, instantly loved, but taking time to learn each other and how this all works.

Sometimes I let myself forget and I have to remind myself that this process, this child, his homecoming, our family bonding was all handled by God down to every detail. It is not a coincidence that so many details have worked out perfectly, that we have been granted peace in a time that for many is stressful. He has answered our many prayers and may He receive all the glory and honor that may come from this stage in our life.

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Col Hall said...

Mini-Vans are nice! We've had several. Much better than the station wagon we started with once we had 2 (then 3) kids. Rhonda has learned to like them so much, she bought another even though the kids were grown and gone! They still sit in the back and watch DVDs when they come visit!