Friday, January 16, 2009

The Debate gets ugly

Ok, so Kyle and I disagree about whether or not to get a minivan, if you read by previous post, you grasped that. Well Kyle has decided to take the debate to the streets passing on my blog to his friends to get their feedback, which is fine with me this is a blog after all the more people who read it the happier I am.

But I feel the need to defend myself after some responses of:

"does she realize the gas mileage that thing (Suburban) gets, what is she going to go off-roading with the kids??"

"I think both the minivan and Suburban are dorky when driven in the city...Ecclesiastes would be a good read for her"

Kyle gets to tell me these fun response with a little giggle thinking it's funny, I mean after all I look like a stuck up, earth hater and he looks like the holy practical one. So it's time for me to defend myself. My previous blog was not about loving a suburban or thinking that it was "cool", it was about not loving the minivan and feeling like it would make me extra un-cool. I must make it very clear that I did not say, "Hey, let's get a suburban" no that was my husband. I allowed him to give me choices and there was only three and the suburban was simply the only choice he gave me that was not a minivan. On top of all of this if Kyle was being honest he would say, "Jenny doesn't want a mini but she is trying her best to try and like it because she loves me and knows it's what I think is best. She has even said to me we can buy the mini if that's what you want." Of course his response is that he is not fully decided he didn't confess up to that did he! :)

Here's the thing, let's try and be a little more understanding that everybody is different and likes different things, just because I don't want to drive a mini doesn't mean I want people to think of me as having a higher status or that I am not as holy as you!! Give me a break it's a car, and no matter what we get my values of how I look at money will not change, nor will the budget we decided in advance. Is it so hard to believe that not everyone enjoys the same things, I actually liked that the suburban drove more like a truck (I love my truck) and I thought it was much more comfortable.

Oh and PS, the mini we're looking at's gas mileage is 17/23 compared to suburban's 14/20 so yes it is a difference but it is not a huge and people are saying, nor can you say that minivans get great gas mileage.

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KyleC said...

Um....I didn't mean to make our debate this public.