Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I believe

We had two visits from real life Santas this week. It was such a neat opportunity to talk to Kylynn about Santa Claus, why he does what he does (he loves Jesus) and how exciting it's going to be on Christmas Eve to have Santa come to our house and leave behind a gift and fly away into the night.

Saturday night there was a knock on the door and there were the N's. Mrs. N is such an amazing lady, she loves babies- a lot! And just like Santa she wants to make sure that everybody who has a baby in our church (and it is a lot!! of people, it's a big church) gets a present. So she makes them a blanket and bib, and sometimes more and then delivers it to them at the hospital or at home. These gifts are precious and say on each one, "Jesus loves...." Like Santa she's a bit magical, both her personality and how she always knows when someone's had a baby. It was such a blessing to us that Jack will have a blanket just like Kylynn's made by Mrs. N.

Monday night we were eating dinner and again there was a knock at the door. Kyle got there pretty quickly, but of course had to try and get our dog to get back from the door, when he opened it there was a giant Christmas bag with a card and no person or car. He walked in with it and said that nobody was there, the little girl inside of me jumped up and down!! It was just like seeing my presents Christmas morning that magically appeared there. We opened the card and it was a gift from a friend of Kyle's and his wife. Inside the bag was a giant stuffed pony! Oh my, Kylynn and Jack had a blast last night "riding" him and hugging him.

It was a huge blessing to me and reminded me the joy in believing in magic this Christmas season. I had been praying over some of our traditions with Christmas and making sure that what we did with our children was honoring the Lord. Then in the next couple of days I heard a talk by Dr. Dobson, and had two visits from modern day Santa's, reminding me that keeping Christmas as full of magic and wonder for as long as possible for my children is a good thing. And maybe if I'm lucky someday I'll be able to be swept up by their excitement and remember what it was like to believe.

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