Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas is some sleep

I'm a sleep junky. I can sleep 9 hours a night ever night easily and still feel groggy for the first hour I'm awake. Now anyone who's met Kylynn probably knows why that's possible, let's just say she wears one out.

Today it's been a whole week of having our beautiful baby boy, but it's also been a whole week of being up most of the night. In Korea it's 14 hours ahead of us, so basically Jack thinks it's daytime when it's night time and vice versa. We've had some nights better than others but based on last night we're still not there yet.

I am planning on blogging the whole story of finding out Jack was ready, flying to Korea, meeting Jack for the first time, and so one...but right now I'm so tired I'm not sure if my story would be coherent.

I will say, THANK YOU, for all your prayers. To God be the glory, great things he has done. Our whole trip was one huge answer to prayers and God worked out several miracles for us along the way. Jack is doing great, he is a million times easier than Kylynn was at this age, very happy, just doesn't understand why I'm keeping him up all night and wanting him to sleep all day. This too shall pass...

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