Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Olympics, Hello Students, Kitty, and Job

Goodbye Olympics. I will miss you dearly, soon I will begin my count down till we see you again...4 more years till the next summer Olympics! You have been a wonderful friend these past two weeks, entertaining me, causing me to jump up and down with excitement, and reminding me why I love being an American. But you have also caused me to become so sleep deprived that I no longer make sense when I speak and the other day I fell asleep sitting straight up in Kylynn's room playing "kitchen". So while I'll miss you, it is time for you to go, I have to get something more done than just cheering for the USA!

The students are back in town, marking one of my favorite times of year I love their excitement about A&M and this new chapter of their lives. Being around them makes me remember how it feels to have a lifetime of possibilities and adventures laid out before you. Kyle and I got to go help out at a BBQ for students on campus this past weekend and it was such a joy to talk to the students, I'm always amazed by their intelligence and their respectfulness. Living in a student town is such fun for our family and we're so glad y'all are back. Whoop!!

In addition to the students we also have a kitty hanging around our house. Now we're not cat people and Kyle is allergic, but this kitten decided to adopt our family and we must admit it is a really sweet cat. This kitten has been coming around every other day or so for the past couple of weeks and Kylynn just loves it! It is a really playful kitten and Raven (our dog) doesn't know what to think about it, since the kitten is not afraid of dogs at all, and therefore doesn't run away.

Thank you for all your prayers and networking, Kyle has gotten a permanent job that he will start once his six week job is over. For once in our life we were calm and still and allowed God to work and it is nice to see that indeed there was a plan He was working out. God provided a job that Kyle is very excited about, with our first raise in a number of years, and a boss that he likes and respects. All of those things were an answer to prayer and none of them would have happened had he not been fired.

Now if only we could be calm and still again and allow God to work. But instead this adoption is making us frantic, we are at our best (and by that I mean worst) state of uptight, worrying, frantic type A people. The paperwork is still being rejected for something that doesn't make sense and we cannot fix, so our frustration is at a high. Please pray that our paperwork will be deemed acceptable on this try and will therefore be sent off to our adoption country. Until this happens we are at a stand still and the countdown of 3 to 6 months has not begun. Writing that makes me I say to myself, "God is good, His plan for my life and this adoption is perfect, God's timing is perfect, God is in control, He is bigger than any crazy social worker or country, this adoption WILL happen in God's perfect timing and perfect way." Then I feel better for a while and do it all over again :)

This song has become my anthem, I literally walk around the house singing it whenever I'm worried about all that is unfolding. Has God asked you to do something crazy, listen to it I promise you'll soon be singing it in the shower!

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KyleC said...

It's refreshing to see someone who welcomes students. The roads are full, but I agree that interacting with individuals in pleasing. They make this town go 'round.