Friday, March 9, 2012

Let the break begin

Spring break started a little early around here, the kids don't have school on Fridays, it's rainy and cold, so I declared it pajama day.

One of Jack's friends gave him the coolest birthday gift ever, a fort kit (apparently you can find this on pinterest, of course :)  We got the fort up, which is difficult for moms, but I got it figured and and we let the fun begin.

The kids are watching Milo and Otis, eating popcorn and drinking lemonade, and it's only 11 in the morning.  I'm trying my best to slow down this week, to not yell, to be with my kids, to let some of the chores go.

Chloe perhaps has different goals in mind, as she can't seem to stop hitting/pinching/poking the big kids.  She also threw her popcorn all over the floor.  But I'm trying to remember she's only one and perhaps some attention from me might help with these behaviors.

I'm going to get on pinterest later today and plan out some fun things we can do this week.  How about you, what are you doing for spring break?  And if you have any ideas for me, I would love to hear them, creative I am not :).


Jasmyn said...

Completely adorable.

The Cherrys said...

What a great and fun idea! Hope you guys enjoy the time together.

Sarah said...

Go check out She has loads of fun ideas that I only aspire to someday be fun enough to try. Also Just found that one this week, so I haven't combed through it entirely, but it looks promising. Happy break! We had ours last week for Grandma Camp. Totally worth it! :)

Sarah said...

I should have mentioned that on the magical childhood blog, click on the tag for "ways to make the day magical". She posts a new list of 10 ways to make the day magical every week.

MamaMonki said...

Love the idea of a fort kit. I think WeeMan and I will have to make a fort during our spring break.... who knows maybe even tomorrow too. We still have two weeks before our spring break! Hope you have a wonderful break with fantastic weather and great memories!