Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We will never forget

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of when bonfire fell. I was a sophmore that year and I was changed in that moment in so many ways. Every year Kyle and I, and now Kylynn go to the memorial to walk around and remember what happened, but most importantly to pray. I pray for the family and friends of those 12 who died that day. I pray for this university that I love so much. As much as that event was tragic and sad, it was uplifting and inspiring as well. We were reminded that we are a family at Texas A&M, no matter how big the school is, we love one another. I walked around that tragic day and the days that followed and sat in my classes where the professors just talked to us and let us talk, and we just comforted one another, hugged one another, and prayed for one another even though we were by some's definition "strangers". I remember walking over to wear stack fell that day and it was surrounded by hundreds of people just praying and hugging and I knew that we would get through it okay because at Texas A&M we are a family and we are a family that loves God and He would walk us through this time, and He did.

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