Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change for Orphans

This is my personal favorite on fun ideas to help support orphans, I just haven't figured out where I could put the bucket:

*Change begins with you. Here's what you do!

Step One Board Change

Choose a group of people, like your family, friends, church or small group, and tell them why you want to collect change for orphans. Use the DVD, Bible verses and facts in the Show Hope Change for Orphans packet to help inspire and encourage people to donate.

Step Two Board Change

Set out the Change for Orphans bucket and regularly dump out the change in your pocket, empty that jar in the closet, or forego a coffee or meal out that week and throw in a couple bucks. Consider working through the 30-day booklet, Seeds of Change, exploring God’s heart for orphans and adoption

Step Three Board Change

After 30 days, convert to a check the money you collected, and send it to Shaohannah’s Hope using the envelope in your packet, or Donate Online Now. Together, these small amounts become a world of change for an orphan. Include a short story of what you did, why, and what you accomplished.

Step Four Board Change

Don’t let it end there! Prayerfully consider what other steps God might have for you, whether they are continuing to collect change, starting an adoption fund at your church, or stepping out in your neighborhood to mentor a foster kid. Read through the Act Now booklet for more ideas, and change YOUR world for ORPHANS!

*This text in it's entirety was copied from Shaohannah's

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