Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

The day Chloe needed to go to the ER for her cut lip, Jack seemed to, at no point, be aware of what was going on.  Despite Kyle and I yelling and running around (yes we do not do well under stress), Jack kept repeating over and over, mommy I washed my hands, wanting me to praise him for doing this without being asked.  When Chloe came home I said, "look Jack Chloe is back and she's all better."  He came over to her and said, "oh Chloe your back is all better."  I ignored him not sure of what to say until later that afternoon when he came up to her again and rubbed her back and said, "I'm so glad your back is all better."  I couldn't resist speaking up, "no Jack remember Chloe cut her lip and it was bleeding, her lip is better!"  He gave me a confused look and just said, "oh."

So I found some fat in my budget after all and I've stopped using someone to clean my house.  There is good news, she only came once a month and had begun to do a pretty crummy job so really I feel glad to save the money and do a better job myself.  The problem is to clean my whole house in the small windows of time I have available will take about three months, more or less :).

I can't remember if I told y'all but I thought Chloe had ringworm for almost four months!  I had taken her to the pediatrician and she glanced at it and said, oh yeah keep treating it, it can take a long time to clear up.  Thankfully we have a friend who is a doctor who looked at it at church and said that it wasn't ringworm, but eczema.  Sure enough now that we're putting lotion on it instead of anti-fungal cream it looks great.  I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders I had begun to think that she would never be able to overcome this "ringworm" because the more I treated it the worse it looked, go figure!

Does anyone else hate getting their hair cut?  For me it has about as much appeal as going to a doctor's appointment.  I know it's supposed to be this relaxing thing I can do for myself and truly I wish it was.  For some reason haircuts have always made me anxious, the sitting in the chair for hours (if I'm having my hair colored) making small talk, the praying it turns out good, the trying to be bold enough to speak up if you don't like it.  I know I have issues, but hey I bet you've got some too :).

Jack consistently puts both his shirt and shorts on backwards, every single day.  You would think if it was an accident that at least some days, by chance, he would get at least one of them on right.  Every time I see him walking around with his backwards clothes (no I rarely bother to fix them) I think of Kriss Kross. In my middle school there were people who actually wore their clothes completely backwards just like Kriss Kross.  Even as a very impressionable pre-teenager, who knew that those were the cool kids, I couldn't help but think they looked stupid and uncomfortable.  But it is a catchy song....Kriss Kross will make you jump, jump....

Fellow bloggers does this ever happen to you?  When I go to parties and see friends of mine I haven't seen in a while, they often greet me with, "how are you, I'm sorry I haven't/I don't read your blog."  In case you are a friend of mind in the real world know this, it never even enters my mind to assume someone knows how I am because I have a blog and I definitely never assume anyone out there actually reads this stuff.  But I wouldn't mind new readers maybe next time someone asks me how I'm doing I'll just hand them a card with my blog address on it and say, "just go read about it."

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thewonderfulhappens said...

Jack in his backwards clothes is hysterical!!! I was just commenting to Jason that I don't think Matthew has worn his PJ pants correctly for months!!
I have some friends who do read my blog sometimes, and I always worry that if I tell them something, they think it is redundant. But then I think I'm being presumptuous to assume they HAVE read it. Oh, the blogging dilemmas!

Yvonne said...

my doctors told me I had ringworm for months before they finally decided it was eczema. So glad that you now know what it is! And yeah, getting the house cleaned? I try to do it once a month (because more often than that certainly wasn't happening) but am finding that even that is hard...but glad you found some fat!

Kyetra said...

Hi! I found you on Whatnot Wednesday. I love Jack with his clothes on backwards. My son is 3 and does that all the time.
I sometimes love how people think that they know about everything in my life because I blog. I like the idea of just giving them the card. ;0

TheLudlows said...

I actually feel that same way about my blog too. I always seems to catch me by surprise when someone says they do read my blog!