Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A good weekend, even when it wasn't

We had an eventful weekend this past week.  Friday night we went to an ice cream party to say goodbye to our family (ok our friends but y'all get it, right?).  I couldn't sleep that night because I kept writing and re-writing one of my friends a "goodbye letter."  She had planted the seed in my mind and my mind was trying hard to not be devastated, so it wrote letters, over and over.

Saturday morning we had our six month, and final, home visit for Chloe's adoption.  Once the paperwork is complete we can finalize it!  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our social worker, she has been visiting our family for four and half years, since we applied to begin Jack's adoption up until the finalization of Chloe's.  The whole time she was there I kept thinking, we can't be done here, nope, no way we're done.  Kyle looked at me like a crazy person when I told him that, so alas we might be done, but I've got a feeling that God can work on Kyle's heart if I'm right.

We then went on to run several shopping errands, eat some frozen yogurt at lunch time in order to get in two more stores, and came home to eat late lunches and take long late naps!  This was a happy accident because that night we had a wedding to go to.  Yes that's right, these people actually invited our three small children to their wedding as well :).  It was such a lovely wedding, outside in the country, we ate yummy Mexican food, and the kids were amazing little munchkins.

Sunday after church we decided to go on a bike ride.  We very much want to get back into this habit, but I feel a bit like I'm starting all over again, maybe not square one, but definitely square two.  I have to pull the trailer behind me in order for us all to be able to go on "big" rides again.  So we packed up some water and snacks and headed out.  I hadn't been feeling great that morning so I didn't eat a snack and for some unknown reason didn't drink any water either.  Sunday was much hotter than it had been all week and I am terribly out of shape, so it was a hard ride.

We took a break in the park and Kyle played with all the kids, everyone was having the best time.  It was really truly the perfect day, for awhile at least.  When we got home I was feeling like I needed  to go lay down under the ceiling fan, I had pushed myself hard, so I made the mistake of going in and leaving Chloe outside, with my bike up on it's kickstand.

Next thing I know I hear Kyle run in with Chloe screaming a horrible cry and see blood everywhere.  She had pulled my bike down on her and her teeth had gone through her lip.  It took a while to figure out where she was bleeding from, once we got a look at the cut we decided she needed stitches.  I gave her a popsicle, something I had once read on Vitafamiliae's blog (see blog reading is useful!), to help stop the bleeding in her mouth and Kyle set off for the hospital which is less than a mile from our home.

I was supposed to join him up there as soon as I managed to stop blacking out, remember I'm a fainter, and got something to eat and drink into me and the kids.  While I was running around grabbing things, I noticed Kylynn was sprawled on the arm of the couch moaning.  I went to check on her and she kept saying, it's going to hurt her so bad when they give her stitches.  Then she said, mommy I'm going to throw up.  She never did but as she was hanging out over the toilet, she started to pass out, I carried her over to the couch and got a wet washcloth on her head, and got her to come back around.  So I called Kyle to see what to do and luckily he said Chloe was fine and there was no reason for us to come.

In the end the doctor was able to glue her lip closed and she was not traumatized enough by the experience to stop trying to climb everything in her path.  We could see God's hand at work throughout the ordeal, she was happy to be comforted by Kyle (which is huge, when she was so upset) and he was back in only a couple of hours, so as to still be able to have a normal afternoon and evening.

It was a good weekend, a really good weekend, it reminded me that God is in control and that all things work together for the good to those who love the Lord.


thewonderfulhappens said...

What a weekend!! I have to laugh about you feeling like the adoption visits and stuff couldn't be over. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum, like Thank God that is OVER!!!! So if our family is to increase in size, you will know it is 100% God!!!!

It's actually kind of sweet that Kylynn was so upset about Chloe. Sounds like she's a fainter just like her mama.

Jon and Shelly said...

Oh no! Sorry about the injuries and sicknesses related! Glad everyone is ok and that there was some good bonding time to come out of it.

Was your caseworker by chance named Samantha? If so, she was at our house before she came to yours!!! She came and did Jian's last post-placement report! :)

Congratulations on your last report!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Oh boy! What an eventful day for you. Injuries are oh so scary. So happy that Miss Chole is ok!

Yippee for the final home visit! Feels so good to finish and finalize, doesn't it?!