Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life is a beautiful ride (aka I can't seem to stop posting pictures of myself with a bike helmet on)

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Today was Chloe's first day of school, it was also Jack's second day of school and Kylynn's 12th day of school (not that I'm keeping count), which meant that for the first time since Chloe came home to us I had a couple of hours with no children at home.  Three hours to be exact, once a week, I have three glorious hours all to myself!

I have an older iphone I'm always guessing when trying to take a picture of myself 
When it occured to me yesterday that I had a few hours of freedom coming up I pondered my options, should I, sit on the couch and stare at the wall, take a nap, clean, or watch Downton Abbey.  But this morning when I woke up I had the best idea, if I want to find time in my schedule to exercise, here it was, I would go on a bike ride.

So after packing up three kids and their backpacks and lunches, I remembered (miracle!!) to pack not only my bike but my socks and shoes and helmet.  I couldn't believe how great my brain was working this morning (it must be my new diet, more on that later), and then my brain reached the end of it's ability, so the rest of this adventure is brought to you by the iphone.

I decided after dropping off the littles, to head out to Lick Creek since I was a few miles closer to it than I normally am, but soon realized I had never been there by myself and had no idea how to get there (it should be noted that I've lived here for 14 years and I know how to get to a total of 5 places, direction are not one of my strengths).  I tried calling Kyle and when I couldn't get him I realized that I held the answer in my hand, the iphone could tell me how to get there, and indeed it did!

Once there I was welcomed first by this sign, then by the realization that the chain was off of my bike. But I had managed to get three kids to school, and remember every single thing I needed for a bike ride 15 miles from my house, I was not going to be deterred.  I decided that people walk in parks with "large felines" all the time, that should not be a concern of mine, and set about fixing my bike.  Let's just say I got it back on, I couldn't seem to get it into a higher gear in the front but it was ridable so I was happy.

I rode and rode* and kept feeling like I wasn't getting enough of a work out (see above re: my chain) and then I realized not pulling a trailer with a child(ren) on it makes all the difference in the world!  About half way through I found a random bench in a shady area so I stopped and read the Bible (again iphones where have you been all my life) and it was the most peaceful moment I've had in, well, a while.

I made it back to my car having accomplished what I set out to do, with water left to spare, feeling like a million bucks!  I only had enough time left before picking up the first child, to get ready and do the dishes but I knew I had already received what I needed for the day, the gift of rest and beauty and joy all wrapped up in a bike ride, and already I can't wait to see what I'll unwrap next Thursday.

*Unfortunately I don't know how far I rode, it wasn't until I was done that I remember the app my dad uses to track his ride endomondo sports tracker, I can't wait to test it out.


Yvonne said...

awesome!! I keep saying I'm going to go biking since I only have one home three days a week - haven't gotten it all together yet but I will because, how awesome to get outside, get exercise, and feel refreshed afterwards. Way to go!!

Weight Loss said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.