Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

*Last night I awoke at 4 o'clock in the morning from a deep sleep because I knew that a bug was crawling on my arm.  It was all very real.  I am not sure however how I could have known it was real and not part of a dream, but I had to turn on the lights to make sure.  Doing so found no bug, but did wake up my sleep deprived hubby, then I couldn't fall asleep, making said hubby leave to sleep on the couch.  At some point before my alarm went off I managed to get another 3 minutes of sleep.

*All day I kept seeing the blanket on the couch, and the alarm clock on the table next to it and telling myself, you need to clean that up in case a neighbor stops by, if not someone will think y'all are having problems :).  Apparently in my head I live in a world where neighbors stop by to chat and are very judgmental, I think one too many re-runs of 50's sitcoms.

*I love the way Jack prays, he has such faith.  He never asks for anything, but instead if he hurts his leg he prays, "Dear God, thank you for making my leg better."  Without fail this is how he prays as if everything on his list is something God will take care of, no need to worry about it a minute more.  I could learn a thing or two from him.

*Jack could also teach us all a thing or two about knowing what will make someone the absolutely maddest they could be.  Twice this week when he was mad at Kyle or I (for the stupidest things I must point out) and he peed on his carpet on purpose.  Just typing that makes me mad again, that boy is a genius, he wants to do something to get back at me and he has found the absolutely perfect thing.

*Lost has ruined every show I watch.  Whenever I decide to watch one of my taped regular shows instead of watching an episode of Lost, I'm left thinking, that was okay I guess, but not really all that exciting.

*We got to go visit my grandmother in Decatur this past weekend.  Every time I go there I don't want to leave.  Somehow I managed to forget my camera which is really unfortunate, we did a lot of neat things.  We went to a catfish fry at the Greenwood store (which is in a town of about 15) and there were some local men playing bluegrass, behind them was the wooden shelves stocked with cans of tuna fish and diet coke, and Chloe sat in a high chair dancing and clapping, and eating more pieces of catfish than I did.  It was one of those moments I wanted a picture of, then again because I didn't have a camera I made sure to imprint it in my memory.

*Kylynn is growing up before my eyes and I want to sit on her and make her stop.  The other morning I was running behind on getting everyone ready and out the door, she took Jack upstairs and helped him brush his teeth, put on his socks and shoes, put on Chloe's socks and shoes, and then helped Jack pack his backpack, all of her own initiative.  I stopped and realized just how much I couldn't do this without her, she makes me so proud.  I think it's time I took her out for a date, it's been too long.

*Chloe adores Jack, she follows him around and wants to do everything he does, and he seems to think being a big brother is the world's best job, I've yet to see him lose his patience with her.  Today in the car I looked back and they were holding hands over the edge of their car seats.  Here is a video* of the two of them playing air hockey (craigslist find) against Daddy, they're a cute pair!

*please forgive the voice of Kylynn in the background begging for me to take her picture



thewonderfulhappens said...

That is so funny that you were worried about someone dropping by and seeing that Kyle slept on the couch!! The funny thing is that the other day the boys were watching a TV show downstairs and I started drifting off on the couch. I thought, I hope nobody stops by, and then of course my doorbell rings. It is someone I knew through early intervention and I had loaned her a book and she was returning it!!
Jack's prayers sound so sweet. I have an idea that he may have learned that from you!
And I think Kylynn and Isaac are soul mates, but they could never be together because they would both want 100% camera time!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Can you believe I've never seen a single episode of Lost? I'm missing out. I can tell.

ps - Have you watched Friday Night Lights? If not, start with season 1 asap!

Yvonne said...

Jack and Natalie have a lot in common. When really angry with us (and often when we tell her she can't do something) she will just pee. So incredibly frustrating. I hear ya!

And I have never watched Lost but I'm addicted to k-dramas and have to say that now when I watch something else (which isn't often) I have the same response - that was okay, but it wasn't like (insert k-drama title here). Ruined, I tell you.

And what a great big sister!! And brother too! And in all of our movies, one child is talking to us in the background trying to "see" or something else random like that - it will be cute one day, right?